Fullscript Dispensary

At Anti-Aging and Regenerataive Associates, our goal is to provide you access to the highest quality supplements on the market delivered right to your door. With Full Script we are able to do just that. Check out our team’s top recommended supplements.

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Dr. Lee’s Top 5

  • CheckNAC 600mg (Pure Encapsulation): 1 cap PO qd or 1 cap PO TID (if inflamed)
  • CheckAyuPhos (Ayush Herbs): 2 caps PO qhs
  • CheckD-Flame (Protocol for Life Balance): 2 caps PO qhs
  • CheckMycoActive (Ortho Molecular): 2 caps PO qd
  • CheckWomen's Phase I (Vitanica): 2 caps PO BID
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Kaitlyn’s Top 5

  • CheckN-Acetyl Cysteine 60 capsules(Ortho Molecular Products)
  • CheckCore Restore (Ortho Molecular Products)
  • CheckLiver Defend™ 60 capsules (NuMedica)
  • CheckActive B Complex (Integrative Therapeutics)
  • CheckThyrotain 120 capsules (Ortho Molecular Products)
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Jason’s Top 10

  • CheckCoQ1o (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckVit K2 with D3 (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckTruAdapt Plus (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckOrthoMega 820 (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckN-Acetyl Cysteine (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckCore Restore 7 day (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckMethyl CpG (Ortho Molecular)
  • CheckBerberine HCL (Biotics)
  • CheckRed Yeast Rice (Designs for Health)
  • CheckBerkeley Life Nitric Oxide Support (Berkeley Life)